Road Runner Towing Wrecker Service

Road Runner towing has served the Toronto community and the greater Toronto area with professional wrecker towing services for many years. Over those years of service we have seen everything from terrible accidents to simple breakdowns that can be fixed with just a little knowledge and elbow grease. We know that these situations are stressful and for most people calling for wrecker towing service is overwhelming because of the looming costs and complications of dealing with dishonest technicians. Eliminating this stress is our main goal, and we’ve done our best to build a company known for handling trouble with real care.

Our Team

Our company is not only a business looking to scalp you for the little money you might have. We’re a team. Each member of the team has been carefully chosen for experience and competence. We do our best to ensure that you will feel you’re in good hands when you trust yourself to our care. From the dispatchers who are adept at organization to the technicians who spend hours training and getting licensed to provide wrecker services you are our highest priority.

Our Processes

No matter when you call, day or night, you can count upon us for quality, professional, and reliable service! Our very procedures of service are designed to eliminate stress. When you call our dispatch you’ll get direct help as they quickly send a professional off to help you. You can count on our technicians to reach your side within a half an hour. That means that as fast as possible we’re on the scene and lending our expert hand at resolving the situation.

Results You Need

From beginning to end you are the priority. We’ll look to make sure your needs are taken care of. This is ensured with our honest pricing policy. There are no hidden fees when you turn to RoadRunner towing for help. We’ll always give you fair and honest quotes and we guarantee our fair pricing.

Many Options

Of course calling for a wrecker is not your only option, no matter what the situation no one wants to be towed away. But the best guarantee you have for results you’ll be pleased with is to count upon a team of professionals who have your best interests in mind. Whether you need flatbed towing, local or long distance towing, or accident recovery we’re ready to help in any of these situations. If you trust us to be your number one option we’ll do our best to guarantee your  satisfaction.