Common Cases When a Tow Truck Service is Required

 Most of us happily drive along, rarely giving a second thought to tow truck companies. A towing service is worth its weight in gold though, something plenty of drivers discover in their hour of need.While it might seem like a fairly one dimensional service, most tow truck companies actually offer a number of practical services, and some you might not expect.

 Here are five scenarios in which a tow truck service may be necessary.

  1. Vehicle collisions

Any vehicle involved in a road traffic accident, especially a collision, carries a risk with it. Even the slightest bump can knock off the vehicle’s alignment, its electronics, its bodywork and a thousand other features, making it dangerous to drive. The safest thing to do after you’ve been involved in an RTA is to call a tow truck company and request a tow to a reputable repair shop. Your vehicle can then be investigated for damage.

  1. Non-collision accidents

Vehicle accidents come in all shapes and sizes. From hitting a hydrant to swerving off the road, drivers face plenty of perils as they go about their daily lives. As above, any accident can cause significant damage to your vehicle and needs checking as soon as possible. Common non-collision accidents include getting stuck in ditches and snowbanks, both of which can be rectified by any good towing company.

  1. Vehicle breakdown

From electronic failure to engine issues, malfunctioning air conditioning to flat tires, there’s about a million ways your vehicle can breakdown. If you’re lucky, the fault won’t be so serious that you’re stranded. If you’re unlucky, a good tow truck service will get you to the repair shop in next to no time.

  1. Flat battery

Discovering a flat battery at home is one thing; discovering it when you’re away from your house is another. It’s hard to carry out a battery jump start when you’re at the mall, at the office or out of town. Many tow truck companies offer on-location jumpstarts, or will be happy to tow you to a repair shop or your home instead.

  1. Long distance vehicle transport

Finally, tow truck services are ideal for car dealerships and other commercial outfits looking to transport vehicles across a long distance. A tow means there’s no need to worry about rising mileage or in-transit damage.

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