Road Runner's Light to Medium Duty Towing

Road Runner offers the local community light to medium duty towing. We can offer a broad range of towing services precisely because we’re a professional service that knows what our community needs. Our reliable and licensed professionals are available 24-hours a day and can arrive within just 30 minutes* (traffic dependable*) to provide all the towing services you need. When you need to transport your vehicle to another location, whether that’s a regular car or truck or a vehicle that’s a little heavier, such as a van, dump truck, or RV, Road Runner is a towing company that delivers the professional light to medium duty towing services you need.

Light to Medium Duty Towing: What’s the Difference?

The difference between light to medium duty towing is actually very simple. Light duty towing trucks are able to tow all the normal, everyday vehicles you see around you. From motorcycles to regular sized pickup trucks, light duty towing can take these vehicles wherever you need them to go. Medium duty towing handles vehicles that are a bit larger. Medium duty towing is never a problem for Road Runner towing technicians because we make sure that all of our towing professionals are trained in the safest, most effective methods and techniques using all types of towing vehicles. Because each has literally years of experience on the job, you can trust that whether you have need of light or medium duty towing services, the job will get done correctly the very first time.

Light to Medium Duty Towing Vehicles

Because we care about the local community, we ensure that all of our light to medium duty towing vehicles are kept in the best repair. Moreover, each and every one is equipped with exactly the right equipment to help our towing professionals get the job done safely and efficiently. Our fleet of trucks can literally handle any light to medium towing issue you might have. Plus, they can transport your vehicle safely from one place to another without damaging your vehicle in any way.

Call About our Light to Medium Duty Towing Services

We recommend that when you have need of any type of light to medium duty towing services, you call Road Runner. We have great customer service people who are ready to answer all your questions day or night. We also operate on a 24-hour basis and are able to help move your vehicle wherever you need it to go…whenever you need it to to go there.