Licensed Towing Company Vs. Not

When you need towing it is important that you insist on having a licensed towing company handle it for you. Allowing an unlicensed operator to tow your vehicle may lead to all kinds of problems. In the next paragraphs you will find a brief description of why it is not a good idea to use the services of an unlicensed towing services provider.

Guarantee of Professionalism

With towing it is essential that things be carried out professionally. There are heavy forces exerted on both the towed vehicle and the tow truck during towing operations, allowing anyone who is not adequately proficient to rig up, drive the loaded tow truck (navigating it through traffic) and finally lower the towed vehicle at its destination, is a recipe for trouble. A fully licensed towing company only employs expert, professional tow techs who themselves hold all necessary qualifications and credentials. Opting for a licensed towing services provider, such as Roadrunner Towing, guarantees that a highly skilled tow tech will be handling the tow for you.

Top Class Equipment

In order to earn and keep a towing service provider license a towing company must have its tow trucks and accompanying gear inspected regularly. It is essential that towing be carried out using well maintained tow trucks such as those of a licensed towing company.


Just as you do not allow yourself to drive without auto insurance so should you insist on being fully insured when having your vehicle towed. Only licensed towing companies can get full coverage from insurance companies (insurance companies will not insure unlicensed providers of towing services).
In most states holding a valid towing services provider license requires the towing company be adequately insured. This means that if you insist on having the towing job you need done by a fully licensed towing company you can be sure that in the rare case of further damage being inflicted on your car you will be sufficiently compensated.


With well established, licensed towing companies, such as Roadrunner Towing, you know exactly what you will be getting and how much you will be charged. You can be sure that the ETA you are promised will be met, that you will encounter no hidden costs or any other unpleasant surprises.
In light of all that was mentioned above it becomes apparent that settling for an unlicensed tow company may very well result in frustration, wasted time and added expense.