How to Chose a Towing Company

Every now and then a car requires some sort of towing services or any other professional mechanic’s services. Since cars play such an important role in our every day lives, we usually tend to look for the best possible treatment for them. However, the question remains, how should such a search be done? How can we be sure we choose an excellent service provider that will take great care of our car, as if it were their own?

The 5 single most important questions

When trying to select a service provider to tend to your vehicle there are many things you should look into, but it all boils down to the 5 single most important questions you have to ask Toronto towing companies before you select one to be your towing company of choice:

  • When can I reach you and how soon can you show up? Some service providers offer 24/7 availability. This is important because you never know when you’ll end up needing towing services. Their response time is also something important to discuss, as you probably won’t enjoy waiting too long in the wee hours of the night. An excellent service provider will be able to guarantee a 30 minutes ETA.
  • What vehicles do you tend to? if you own anything other than a private car you should look for service providers that will be able to accommodate your vehicle. Motorcycles, trucks, 4X4s, SUVs, RVs, heavy machinery, and the like, are not treated by every towing company.
  • What’s your standard towing distance and towing equipment? Different towing companies have different towing and pricing policies. Find out if there’s a distance limit when towing, if there’s additional fees when crossing state lines, what sort of towing equipment do they use, etc.
  • Can I talk to previous customers? Good service providers will have no problem presenting you with a short list of what should be satisfied customers that have ordered the company’s services in the recent past. Talking to previous customers is one of the best ways to know who you’re dealing with.
  • How can I pay and when will I be charged? While some service providers demand advanced payment other companies will collect their fees through your insurance company. It is also good to know what payment methods the company accepts.